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Fully Automatic Candidates Screening

Who love to screen quantities of candidates resume?
Why can’t a system perform most of this labor for us? So we can focus on other things. The more personal functions, like phone calls and candidate interviews.
Noviopus does this labor for you. Let it do the work for you.

Smart, Easy and Simple Recruitment Management

The recruitment process comprises of several stages and has different personnel take part in it.
Not only recruiters, but also others in the organization take part in it.
Noviopus is taking all that into account. The system manage and coordinate between all the recruitment personnel. It manage the tasks and schedule the interviews between the candidates and all the personnel in the recruiting process.

Simple Talent Sourcing

With Noviopus you connect easily to all job board and other sourcing resource by mail directly to the job opening.
With no duplicate candidates and recognizing different resume versions of the same candidates.

Performance Based Payment

Who likes to pay for something he doesn’t use?
And why do recruitment systems start at enterprises level prices?
We believe that every business, large or small, which employs people, needs a tool to recruit easily and efficiently.
That’s why Noviopus uses Performance Based Payment (Pay per Use). That means that each organization can allow itself to use a recruitment system with reasonable budget. And when there are no job openings, the system also doesn’t cost.

Stop Looking!

Open an account, Get 15 Days or 100 Candidates upload for FREE, and find the perfect match for your job opening

About Noviopus

Noviopus is developing the next generation of recruitment and finding a job systems.
We implement Machine Learning and Text Analytics technologies into the HR market to make the recruitment process much more efficient and simple.
To get the perfect match and recommendation to connect between recruiters and job seekers.
Our purpose is to help recruiters to be able to focus on interviewing the right candidates and selecting the best employees.

Have Some Questions? Check the Noviopus FAQ

Is there a limit to the number of users in the system?

There is no system limit for multiple users, and the cost is not related to the number of users in the system. We want you to get the most out of the system and therefore it is recommended that all people who take part in the recruitment process use the system, thus managing recruitment processes will be optimal.

Are there prerequisites for installing the system?

There is no need to install the system, we have saved you all the need to integrate or install the system. Access to the system is via the Internet and therefore the only requirements are a computer with a browser and Internet access.

What browser can I use?

It is recommended to use Google Chrome’s up-to-date browser with the system.

Is the system suitable for small companies or large companies?

The system automatically adapts to the needs of its users, large and small companies.

Is the system suitable for recruitment agencies?

The system is especially suited to recruitment agencies with their special needs, with the ability to manage recruitment processes for a large number of companies simultaneously.

What happens to the information when I stop the activity?

The information remains as long as the customer does not delete it or the account. Information can be accessed at any time even after the account has been stopped.

How much does each user cost?

There is no cost for number of users. The cost is for the amount of use of the system and advertising through it.

How much does a job cost?

There is no cost for the number of jobs. The cost is for using the system and advertising through it.

How is the price of service and system usage determined?

The cost is calculated by the number of applicants who have been processed and saved in the system for the different job openings. And as the number of candidates applications grows the system automatically provides a larger discount for the individual cost of each candidate.

How much does a job ad cost?

The system advertises the job ads in the existing market job boards of your choice and with recommendations for the most effective boards for the job you are posting. The cost of advertising jobs depends on the cost of the job boards as can be found in the various job boards sites at any time. The costs of publishing a job ad on a job board are the same as the cost of posting the job on the job board itself. There are also some free job boards that can be advertised at no charge.

How do you manage your recruitment budget?

You can set a monthly budget for each company in the system. So that the system will not exceed the budget set for each month, and you will be notified if, during the month, the system reached the monthly budget so that the activity does not stop.

Is there any commitment?

No, there is no commitment to use the system for a certain period or at a certain cost. At any moment you can stop the activity through the system itself without the need for explanations or reasons. And the account can be activated again whenever the recruitment service is required.

What is the difference in the system between a recruitment agencies, corporation or private company?

The home screen in the system adjusts itself according to the number of existing companies in each account. An account with multiple companies will display the activity and data on the home page and other pages adjusted for both the companies and the of a single company selected. An account with a single company only, will show at the home page and other pages in the system the activity of this company only.

How do you manage your job openings and recruitment workflows?

In the process of creating new job positions, the system also creates the workflow to manage the recruitment stages and users who participate in each stage. So that during the recruitment process each user receives updates and manages the stages of the jobs that are assigned to him, and the recruitment manager can manage all the recruitment processes for the job itself.

Single company or multiple companies?

An account with a single company will show the homepage and other pages of the system with the activity of this company only. An account with multiple companies will display the activity and data on the home page and other pages for all the companies or a particular selected company.

Recruiting for multiple companies from one account?

You can definitely recruit from one account for multiple companies, each job managed separately, but the account can be managed together with the same users and budget management.

How does the system help me with recruiting for jobs?

Through the system, all the actions required in recruiting for the position are carried out:

  1. Create and publish a job ad in the required job boards.
  2. Candidates applications are automatically input from job boards.
  3. Ranking and screening candidates for each job automatically.
  4. Management and follow-up of candidates in the various stages of the recruitment workflow for each job position.
  5. Managing the tasks for all the people involved in the recruitment processes.

How can I manage the recruitment process?

In the jobs page, the system provides all the analytics data of the recruitment processes performance, so that the recruitment manager will be able to know what actions are needed to improve the success of the recruitment process. Performance monitoring can identify and address issues in recruitment processes.

Do I have to advertise through the system?

No, there is no obligation to advertise through the system, but it is much more efficient because the candidate’s applications are automatically received in the system, without the need for manual intervention and the uploading of candidates for the position.

Does posting jobs cost money?

Posting jobs on free job boards does not cost money. However, publishing job ads in paid jobs boards does cost according to the pricing determined by the various job boards.

Are there differences between users?

It is possible to assign users with various types of permission level. You can determine which companies and jobs each user will have access to view or update. In addition, each user can be classified according to three possible types of users:

  1. Administrator – can view and update all the data in the system as well as invite and manage users in the system.
  2. HR Personnel – can create and manage jobs and view and update data in companies and positions that he or she has access to.
  3. A participant – can only participate in the recruitment processes of positions, and view and update the candidates’ data in those positions that he has access to.

How do I limit the information that any user can see or manage?

A administrator user for the account can set and change the permissions of each user related to the account. He/She can also change the permission type of each user and decide whether to provide the user with permission as:

  1. Administrator
  2. HR Personnel
  3. Participant

What is our affiliate program?

Our affiliate program allows anyone with an account in the system or external partners to earn money by promoting the system to potential customers.

How do you earn money with our affiliate program?

A monetary value can be earned in the affiliate program in several ways:

  1. Writing a recommendation on the system.
  2. Permitting us to publish your company logo and details as a customer on the system website.
  3. Sharing our posts on social networks.
  4. Registering additional customers to the system.

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